Video Resumes and Full Service Recruiting from JOBEO

45 seconds: Full service video recruiting for only 9%
Review VIDEO applications… not paper. Only 9%!

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Video Resumes for 9%

Outsourced Recruiting is Affordable. No hire, no pay!

Entry level and high turnover jobs can be recruited by an agency! Outsourced recruiting is now affordable and easy.

Traditional firms and headhunters charge over 20% per hire. Internal overhead hiring costs reach 12-15%.

JOBEO offers full service recruiting for 9%! Plus, you get video resumes instead of piles of PDFs.

We do all the heavy lifting and send employers personalized video resumes with complete applications for a fast and affordable new hire! If you don’t hire, then you don’t pay! No contracts. No retainers.

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